Bon Appetit!

You parade around in my mind
Leaving me on cloud nine
Your scent lingers like a mask
...I envision you all over my face
I can’t wait for that oooh wee decadent taste
Ever so gently you tickle my nose
I inhale your rich essence with so much joy
In hopes to savor that rich flavor
Sugar and spice I’m so enticed
For you I have a never-ending appetite
Another whiff of your aromas sets in
And this hypnotic session
Starts all over again
Seasonings tempt me for no reason
Invading my thoughts
Committing mental treason
Decadent delight
Teasing me out of spite
Curry, cumin and chutney
Bring on uncontrollable gluttony
Look what you’ve done to me
You pour out your deliciousness
Marinate on my palate
Caress my naked lips...
Leaving trails of your bliss
I am left with this…

Moist, Soft and Tender
Drizzled over my full lips
Treacle of your kiss

~Ambiance of Love


It’s been a long time coming
But the coming of my long time is finally here
And now I...
I just want to love you
Reach into your soul and hold on
Receiving your love and depositing all this sweet bliss
I want to be that mental love song
That you sing of when my presence is missed
I want to feed you until your content
I just want to please you in any way possible

So here… take a sip,
On second thought…take all of me
Explore the dimensions of who I am
I’ll be your warmth in the winter
And in the summer your cool fan

Come to these arms of love
I’ve been waiting to share the Ambiance of Love
Here waits a sea of passion that is ever moving
Rest your thoughts on my bosoms
Listen to the melody of my heart
Learn the rhythm and never part

Dance in my wombs love garden
Enjoy the fragrant gifts of my anointed flowers
See the rose…she’s in full bloom
Waiting to spray you with her perfume
See the butterflies in my stomach
They frolic over you but never fly away
Their singing…I love you , I love you...

©2010 Chelsea L. Mulzac


Tired of meeting men who only want to pretend
Wanna hit but not commit
Can’t handle a relationship…
When it comes to love, you say you’re just confused
However, when it comes to sex, you have your share of amuse

You like the home cooked meals
However, pay no bills
Not willing to pay the cost
Yet you parade around the house like you the boss
Love to show off your so-called lady
But scared to be steady

You making physical demands
Without placing emotional deposits into me
You wanna keep me to yourself
Yet you walk around with a sign that reads, “I’m available and free”
Come on now, what kind of fool u take me to be?

Walk around with a big chest
Meanwhile still sucking your mama’s breast
Still living at home with your mother
Too afraid to step out so the world you won’t truly discover
Quick to say, “I’m a man”… yeah a man with no plan
Talkin bout you got a job, LOL, ohhkay! Uh! You can’t eat without money
That’s your reasonable service to yourself honey

You say, “It’s hard out here for black men.”
I say, “It’s hard out here for people.”
You say, “Woman, you just don’t understand”
I say, “No Brother, you just need to be a man”
Stop sitting by the wayside, learn to stand.

You got a new expensive ride
Therefore, you showboat and sport it
But you still living in an apartment
Shoulda used that dough for a mortgage

Bank account in the negative
Fake “Ballin”; fronting like that’s the lifestyle you live
Paying your bills on time is a crime
I know, cus your
Cell phone can barely stay on for months at a time

You flaunt an image as if your stuff is prime
You walk around with your head on cloud nine
Cuz a few ladies said your were fine
Get a life boy, stop wasting precious time
Eventually you’re gonna have to cross that thin line.

And uhhh! I won’t be around to see.
No need for me to waste valuable time
You either grow up or get left behind.
Oh! I talk a lot of trash, huh? Ha-ha
That’s fine; you still ain’t getting none of mine!

©2010 Chelsea L. Mulzac All Rights Reserved
Through your quill I can feel
Your prurience to empower
What a joy it is to hearken
To your promulgation
Of experience and divine revelation

I’m enthralled by your articulation
It’s a mental invitation to your habitation
And I must confess
Over the years
You have experienced maturation.
And I enjoy every sip
Of your ballpoint, felt-tip

© CLM 2009 All Rights Reserved


My fire inside
Won’t let me fade out or die
It hates the dark
So Imma continue to fight
Dim yours if you must
But I gotta leave on my light

© CLM 2009 All Rights Reserved


This piece was written with a beautiful man of God {Harold D. Johnson}.
Thank you Harold for always completing my sentences...


Sins sweet allure
Is now a festering sore
Off your soul it is feeding
Gnawing at the very essence of your being
Your spirit has experienced offense
No longer do filters and repellents provide defense
Contaminating you with ungodly agents
Inserting the devil’s stench
You are losing your sweet fragrance.

Sins sweet lies
A bitter tasting honey
Embraces my broken spirit
Rendering my praise mute
If the Lord is calling
I can’t hear it
My heart has hardened
To the Truth
I want to pray
But don’t see the use
So far gone
My feet have slipped
Unable to get a grip
Can’t shake this affliction
This addiction
From the son of perdition
My soul sails lifeless
Thru the world
Bound by an identity crisis
Tell me I’m still yours...

Because I don’t want this life anymore
Receive me back into your fold
My past ways are stale and old
Show me how to put on the new
Even if it means that I be tried
Do what you gotta do
I know to be bonafide
I must be purified

Lord, my spirit is willing
But my flesh is weak
I’ve become a secular freak
Who eats foul meat
Remove this stall of sin
Holy Spirit reign within

Wash me
Let your rejuvenating rain
Cascade over my soul
Remove the stains
The pain
Make me whole
I know
Again and again
I strayed
So stay with me...
Stay in me
Because without You
Is so

© CLM/HDJ 2009 All Rights Reserved

Guard Your Heart

I was sitting at my desk early this morning waiting for the server to be restored and these thoughts came to my spirit. I want to share this with all the women I know because I know it is a word from the Lord to me and other women who have battled or is battling with decisions that need to be made about the male companions you keep. You want to be taken to another level but something keeps holding you back. You are keeping the wrong company. God wants to restore unto all that was taken from you and more but he can't if his ways you still ignore...

Here's the poem, receive it, believe it and act on it today!

You stroke her mind with your charm
Giving off the impression that from you there is no harm
Sweet lies of nothingness bliss is what you bring
Insincere and misleading songs are what you sing.
In the heart of a hurt but hopeful woman, your name rings.
She hears but doesn’t hear
Your words are mellifluous to her fragile ears
She sees but doesn’t see
Her loneliness and desperation disables her from seeing clear
She fears but doesn’t fear
Therefore, she embraces you more, thinking that you really care
As spiritual transgression transpires
She befits what the flesh desires
Inveigled by a seemingly good light
This beautiful woman walks away from what’s right
To someone that is just pleasing to her immediate sight
Daintily you caress her with a soft stroke
Careful not to be forceful because you know the wrong key
Will alarm her and send her away
The setting is fixed and perfect flowers have been picked
You lead her to your dead room that you call the living room
Surrounded by aromatherapy she smells yet doesn’t smell
Unable to discern that she’s inhaling toxic fumes
She breathes in smog air into what is spirit filled
Not knowing that her soul you are out to steal
Cautiously you play a tune for you two to commune
That clean vessel is no longer fine-tuned
What was once tailored for the Holy Ghost to indwell
Has now been shared by a stronghold who seeks to prevail
His intent is to conquer and destroy this host
So that in hell with him her soul can burn and roast
However, even in the midst of her dealings
She is alerted by an uneasy feeling
The Holy Spirit still lives within and loudly reminds her
That sin must not reign within
As she listens to this inner voice
She knows that she must make a choice
She now sees that her soul is what this man is out to take
But Oh! The mercy of God is still there when we make mistakes
He always provides a way of escape.
The question is “Will she take it?”

Ladies, if this hits home I beckon with you to listen
Get on your knees now and start repenting…
Stand strong don’t be led astray
Because life without the Holy Ghost ain’t living.

© CLM 2009 All Rights Reserved


I am woman
You are man
We are different yet still equally we stand
I am no more phased than you are with that common cliché “I must know my place”
I am a woman and I walk in my designed state.
I don’t need permission to be
I am what I am, I am woman, and I am rightfully me
My purpose is to be what God has called me to be
In Christ there is no need for competition when you know your position.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made
Meticulously and uniquely tailored for success,
I am woman, an elegant representation of God’s best.
I am a live, walking woman.
Whatever I am given is multiplied.
Don’t treat me as inferior because your purpose & full potential is what you’re undermining.
Embrace and support me, you know too
My leadership and strength is awe-inspiring.
Were we not both made in God’s image?
Don’t you know that I was made for you?
When you oppress me and seek to keep me silent you only deny the truth.
I am sent to help you fulfill God’s vision.
Don’t be duped by denial and ego’s which only cause division.
My being and abilities were bestowed unto me to help man.
I too am a product of God’s purposeful plan.
I am a natural born leader just as you.
No one can take that away.
I am more than just a life-giver and a pretty face.
There is more to me than just fancy array.
Yes, I have emotions, after all, I was made to feel.
I do not apologize for them; it is what enhances my appeal.
When you come to understand the beauty of a woman.
You’ll find that she is a reflection of you.
Made not to be ahead or behind but to stand by your side.
Yes that is where I am to reside.
I dare you to discover your destined lover and throw away your pride.

© CLM 2009 All Rights Reserved


Your plan of demise
Has been recognized
Oh, Yes!
Someone saw through your disguise

Woe unto thee
For those who seek to oppress me
I got ten times the love to show
That will outweigh your hate
Revenge is for the Lord
He’ll determine your fate

You and your lame crew
Always talking bout what you goin do
Just a bunch of talk-a-too’s
That never follow through

Woe unto thee
For those who seek to oppress me
I got ten times the love to show
That will outweigh your hate
Revenge is for the Lord
He’ll determine your fate

I pity you fool
Still you haven’t a clue
Other’s see; why can’t you?
You strutting around with a sign that reads “The Devil’s Dung”
You addicted…God help your soul …
Cus Satan got you sprung.
You have no idea of your present state
Your only skill is hate
… walking reprobate

Woe unto thee
For those who seek to oppress me
I got ten times the love to show
That will outweigh your hate
Revenge is for the Lord
He’ll determine your fate

© CLM 2009 All rights reserved