Sometimes it hurts too much to live
That we just wanna expire
When the pain that we forbear
Makes the air we inhale too smog to breathe.
So the worlds faulty ICU (Intensive Care Unit) is what we cleave.

Sometimes the sting is just too much to bear
That we’d rather live our lives in fear
When words and actions cut us so deep
That we’d rather hide our emotions and to ourselves we keep

Sometimes the road frequently traveled can make us too contented.
That the road less traveled is often times resented.
When the box is the safest place to reside
That we’d rather exist in it and hide
Than to live outside.

Sometimes decision making can be too problematic
That avoiding them becomes systematic
And our God-given abilities we mistrust
Only to allow others to dictate to us what we must

Sometimes letting go of the old to embrace something new
Is too much suspense
That we’d rather just straddle the fence

Sometimes embracing our identity
Requires too much self examinations
That we’d simply rather….

© CLM 2007 All Rights Reserved