Tired of meeting men who only want to pretend
Wanna hit but not commit
Can’t handle a relationship…
When it comes to love, you say you’re just confused
However, when it comes to sex, you have your share of amuse

You like the home cooked meals
However, pay no bills
Not willing to pay the cost
Yet you parade around the house like you the boss
Love to show off your so-called lady
But scared to be steady

You making physical demands
Without placing emotional deposits into me
You wanna keep me to yourself
Yet you walk around with a sign that reads, “I’m available and free”
Come on now, what kind of fool u take me to be?

Walk around with a big chest
Meanwhile still sucking your mama’s breast
Still living at home with your mother
Too afraid to step out so the world you won’t truly discover
Quick to say, “I’m a man”… yeah a man with no plan
Talkin bout you got a job, LOL, ohhkay! Uh! You can’t eat without money
That’s your reasonable service to yourself honey

You say, “It’s hard out here for black men.”
I say, “It’s hard out here for people.”
You say, “Woman, you just don’t understand”
I say, “No Brother, you just need to be a man”
Stop sitting by the wayside, learn to stand.

You got a new expensive ride
Therefore, you showboat and sport it
But you still living in an apartment
Shoulda used that dough for a mortgage

Bank account in the negative
Fake “Ballin”; fronting like that’s the lifestyle you live
Paying your bills on time is a crime
I know, cus your
Cell phone can barely stay on for months at a time

You flaunt an image as if your stuff is prime
You walk around with your head on cloud nine
Cuz a few ladies said your were fine
Get a life boy, stop wasting precious time
Eventually you’re gonna have to cross that thin line.

And uhhh! I won’t be around to see.
No need for me to waste valuable time
You either grow up or get left behind.
Oh! I talk a lot of trash, huh? Ha-ha
That’s fine; you still ain’t getting none of mine!

©2010 Chelsea L. Mulzac All Rights Reserved
Through your quill I can feel
Your prurience to empower
What a joy it is to hearken
To your promulgation
Of experience and divine revelation

I’m enthralled by your articulation
It’s a mental invitation to your habitation
And I must confess
Over the years
You have experienced maturation.
And I enjoy every sip
Of your ballpoint, felt-tip

© CLM 2009 All Rights Reserved


My fire inside
Won’t let me fade out or die
It hates the dark
So Imma continue to fight
Dim yours if you must
But I gotta leave on my light

© CLM 2009 All Rights Reserved


This piece was written with a beautiful man of God {Harold D. Johnson}.
Thank you Harold for always completing my sentences...


Sins sweet allure
Is now a festering sore
Off your soul it is feeding
Gnawing at the very essence of your being
Your spirit has experienced offense
No longer do filters and repellents provide defense
Contaminating you with ungodly agents
Inserting the devil’s stench
You are losing your sweet fragrance.

Sins sweet lies
A bitter tasting honey
Embraces my broken spirit
Rendering my praise mute
If the Lord is calling
I can’t hear it
My heart has hardened
To the Truth
I want to pray
But don’t see the use
So far gone
My feet have slipped
Unable to get a grip
Can’t shake this affliction
This addiction
From the son of perdition
My soul sails lifeless
Thru the world
Bound by an identity crisis
Tell me I’m still yours...

Because I don’t want this life anymore
Receive me back into your fold
My past ways are stale and old
Show me how to put on the new
Even if it means that I be tried
Do what you gotta do
I know to be bonafide
I must be purified

Lord, my spirit is willing
But my flesh is weak
I’ve become a secular freak
Who eats foul meat
Remove this stall of sin
Holy Spirit reign within

Wash me
Let your rejuvenating rain
Cascade over my soul
Remove the stains
The pain
Make me whole
I know
Again and again
I strayed
So stay with me...
Stay in me
Because without You
Is so

© CLM/HDJ 2009 All Rights Reserved

Guard Your Heart

I was sitting at my desk early this morning waiting for the server to be restored and these thoughts came to my spirit. I want to share this with all the women I know because I know it is a word from the Lord to me and other women who have battled or is battling with decisions that need to be made about the male companions you keep. You want to be taken to another level but something keeps holding you back. You are keeping the wrong company. God wants to restore unto all that was taken from you and more but he can't if his ways you still ignore...

Here's the poem, receive it, believe it and act on it today!

You stroke her mind with your charm
Giving off the impression that from you there is no harm
Sweet lies of nothingness bliss is what you bring
Insincere and misleading songs are what you sing.
In the heart of a hurt but hopeful woman, your name rings.
She hears but doesn’t hear
Your words are mellifluous to her fragile ears
She sees but doesn’t see
Her loneliness and desperation disables her from seeing clear
She fears but doesn’t fear
Therefore, she embraces you more, thinking that you really care
As spiritual transgression transpires
She befits what the flesh desires
Inveigled by a seemingly good light
This beautiful woman walks away from what’s right
To someone that is just pleasing to her immediate sight
Daintily you caress her with a soft stroke
Careful not to be forceful because you know the wrong key
Will alarm her and send her away
The setting is fixed and perfect flowers have been picked
You lead her to your dead room that you call the living room
Surrounded by aromatherapy she smells yet doesn’t smell
Unable to discern that she’s inhaling toxic fumes
She breathes in smog air into what is spirit filled
Not knowing that her soul you are out to steal
Cautiously you play a tune for you two to commune
That clean vessel is no longer fine-tuned
What was once tailored for the Holy Ghost to indwell
Has now been shared by a stronghold who seeks to prevail
His intent is to conquer and destroy this host
So that in hell with him her soul can burn and roast
However, even in the midst of her dealings
She is alerted by an uneasy feeling
The Holy Spirit still lives within and loudly reminds her
That sin must not reign within
As she listens to this inner voice
She knows that she must make a choice
She now sees that her soul is what this man is out to take
But Oh! The mercy of God is still there when we make mistakes
He always provides a way of escape.
The question is “Will she take it?”

Ladies, if this hits home I beckon with you to listen
Get on your knees now and start repenting…
Stand strong don’t be led astray
Because life without the Holy Ghost ain’t living.

© CLM 2009 All Rights Reserved


I am woman
You are man
We are different yet still equally we stand
I am no more phased than you are with that common cliché “I must know my place”
I am a woman and I walk in my designed state.
I don’t need permission to be
I am what I am, I am woman, and I am rightfully me
My purpose is to be what God has called me to be
In Christ there is no need for competition when you know your position.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made
Meticulously and uniquely tailored for success,
I am woman, an elegant representation of God’s best.
I am a live, walking woman.
Whatever I am given is multiplied.
Don’t treat me as inferior because your purpose & full potential is what you’re undermining.
Embrace and support me, you know too
My leadership and strength is awe-inspiring.
Were we not both made in God’s image?
Don’t you know that I was made for you?
When you oppress me and seek to keep me silent you only deny the truth.
I am sent to help you fulfill God’s vision.
Don’t be duped by denial and ego’s which only cause division.
My being and abilities were bestowed unto me to help man.
I too am a product of God’s purposeful plan.
I am a natural born leader just as you.
No one can take that away.
I am more than just a life-giver and a pretty face.
There is more to me than just fancy array.
Yes, I have emotions, after all, I was made to feel.
I do not apologize for them; it is what enhances my appeal.
When you come to understand the beauty of a woman.
You’ll find that she is a reflection of you.
Made not to be ahead or behind but to stand by your side.
Yes that is where I am to reside.
I dare you to discover your destined lover and throw away your pride.

© CLM 2009 All Rights Reserved


Your plan of demise
Has been recognized
Oh, Yes!
Someone saw through your disguise

Woe unto thee
For those who seek to oppress me
I got ten times the love to show
That will outweigh your hate
Revenge is for the Lord
He’ll determine your fate

You and your lame crew
Always talking bout what you goin do
Just a bunch of talk-a-too’s
That never follow through

Woe unto thee
For those who seek to oppress me
I got ten times the love to show
That will outweigh your hate
Revenge is for the Lord
He’ll determine your fate

I pity you fool
Still you haven’t a clue
Other’s see; why can’t you?
You strutting around with a sign that reads “The Devil’s Dung”
You addicted…God help your soul …
Cus Satan got you sprung.
You have no idea of your present state
Your only skill is hate
… walking reprobate

Woe unto thee
For those who seek to oppress me
I got ten times the love to show
That will outweigh your hate
Revenge is for the Lord
He’ll determine your fate

© CLM 2009 All rights reserved

Seems Like My Sooner Than Later Was Your Last Time

My needs are simplistic
He said they weren’t realistic
And because he dismissed it
I went ballistic

Seems like…

The more I sought
The more he fought
To dodge my emotions like a sport

I wanted to spend quality time
He’d rather hang with the fellas and get fried
Cheeks salty from the tears I cried
No longer could I trust him
He done told too many lies

Seems like…

The more I sought
The more he fought
To dodge my emotions like a sport

Sooner than later…

I found out
What I would
Was that I shouldn’t
And what he should
Was that he couldn’t

Last time…

He came around
He was the one down
His smiles soon reverted to a frown
Now who looks like a clown?

Last time…

I‘d be kicked in the rear
No longer will I shed a tear
Long gone are those blind episodes
I got a new flash
Now the pictures clear.

Seems Like my Sooner than Later was your Last Time…

© CLM 2009, All Rights Reserved


Born into this world
Hated by my skin color
Black is beautiful

© CLM 2009, All Rights Reserved


I met a fine man
He was clean as a slate
But his spirit was somewhat full
So I said, "What's on your plate?"

He said, "I was served the wrong meal.
Didn't check to see what was the deal
Should not have bitten this thing
Now pain is all I feel."

He said, "It looked appetizing
This entrée was pleasing to the eye
I just couldn't pass it by

"So of course, I had to investigate
Yes, I gave it a taste
However, to my surprise it was bland
It was a big waste"

I told him, "You gotta take your time; don't fall for infatuations spell"
He asked me, "How could you tell? I said, "Because unseasoned meals seldom proveth well.

© CLM 2009 All Rights Reserved


Sometimes it hurts too much to live
That we just wanna expire
When the pain that we forbear
Makes the air we inhale too smog to breathe.
So the worlds faulty ICU (Intensive Care Unit) is what we cleave.

Sometimes the sting is just too much to bear
That we’d rather live our lives in fear
When words and actions cut us so deep
That we’d rather hide our emotions and to ourselves we keep

Sometimes the road frequently traveled can make us too contented.
That the road less traveled is often times resented.
When the box is the safest place to reside
That we’d rather exist in it and hide
Than to live outside.

Sometimes decision making can be too problematic
That avoiding them becomes systematic
And our God-given abilities we mistrust
Only to allow others to dictate to us what we must

Sometimes letting go of the old to embrace something new
Is too much suspense
That we’d rather just straddle the fence

Sometimes embracing our identity
Requires too much self examinations
That we’d simply rather….

© CLM 2007 All Rights Reserved


Thirteen years I have known you
And I often questioned why we were not a couple
I’ve seen your good, the bad and the ugly
Witnessed your many affairs of trouble
Was there to speak life when your spirits were crumbled

I was young and impressionable
Things I did or didn’t do, just like you, were of course questionable
But through it all, I still held you dear
Too far away from you I could never steer

I am a woman now
Ripe and bursting with glee
If only you knew the interior alterations made
To bring out the magnificence in me

I was all up on your tip
But you wouldn’t give me a sip
It has been a long time coming
And I still require work
But I have matured
The manifestations are continually birthed

Now I see that you desire me
You must have gotten a taste of my reality
But sorry babes; the past is my history
And I am no longer thirsty.

© CLM 2008 All Rights Reserved


My love if only you knew how good it feels to have finally met you.
Agape love is what I send you.
Understanding and total support will always be here, as well as
Respect, honor, submissiveness and complete care
I promise to be faithful an always true
Communicating at all times, you’ll never have to read in between the lines
Except for this one time

Love has found me and is here to stay. Nothing will change the way I feel about you. There’s nothing anyone can do or say. If loving you is wrong then that’s a price I’m willing to pay. I’ve loved many and always will but being in love is something rare for me, something brand new.

Somewhere deep within my soul I’ve allowed you to reside to willfully abide in a place no other love has ever been before. Many have knocked but for you I have opened the door. I’ve allowed you to be my lover, confider, protector and most of all, my friend. I’ve never been in love, though the mere thought of it leaves me more and more anxious to be.

If being in love is what I am feeling now then I must say it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had. This love always put a smile on my face, even when I am upset or sad. This unconditional love I’ve receive is evidence of how much love has for me.

Despite how selfish or inconsiderate I may be. Love always manages to forgive me. This must be real love, because I’m usually the one giving and never receiving reciprocity.

How wonderful it is to finally be loved back genuinely. I will forever be appreciative of this love sent to me. So my darling love, I vow to edify you, encourage you, and honor you, until I leave this earth. With or without you being physically near. I know my love will always be here.

CLM 2003 All Rights Reserved

Inspired by the unconditional love shown to me by Anthony M. Jackson
Written: 3/12/2003 @ 9:33 am


Sister Sister My sister my ace
It blesses my heart to see the smiles on your face
Meticulously made and filled with such splendor
Such a marvelous creature; so glad to meet yah!

So many of us and all are different
Embrace your individuality for it’s the personifies you
However, remember the common ground; we are all sisters
Made by God to love each other and so much more
When we JOIN, it’s hard for anyone to ignore

The unity in our walk, the harmony when we talk.
The grace in our stride, the strength that we provide
Is just a portion of what we possess
Anything we build up through Christ is destined for success
We wouldn’t have it any other way
Because we’re eloquent examples of God’s best

When JOINT SISTERS collaborate
We induce Godly love and admonish hate
Oh, Yes! We are tied by more than just our gender state.
We must connect and work towards fulfilling our predestinated fate.

Look to neither left nor the right
Just reach out to a sister and help win this spiritual fight
Minister to her, encourage her, and help her reach new heights
Embrace the wings behind your back
Let them take flight
I see the halo over your head
Continue to let it shine brightly!

© CLM 2007 All Rights Reserved

This Is What I Want From You

She said, “What do you want from me?

He said, “I want your honesty, your time and your loving communication.

When I ask of your opinion, it doesn’t mean I want you to be hypercritical or told what I should do. It means, I want the truth and value your input and seek encouragement from you.

When I ask of your time, it doesn’t mean I want to wrestle you for loving. I simply want to enjoy your presence.

When I said, “I want a self-sufficient woman that is secure and confident; it doesn’t mean I want a woman who feels she does not need me. I request this because I too need to be able to trust you.

When I said, I desire your sensitivity and compassion, it doesn’t mean I want your desperation I don’t expect you to allow my wrongs to be right. It means, enlighten me but still love me despite.

When I said, I need some space; it doesn't mean I love you less or that my love is fading. It means I need time with self and no one else.

When I take the time to tell you what’s on my mind. LISTEN! You can only do that when you are SILENT!

When I walk away in the midst of an argument, I don’t need you to provoke me, and No! I am not leaving you; I am getting some air because I refuse to be violent.

When I tell you how to do something, it’s doesn’t mean I am seeking to regulate rather I am trying to educate.

When I mess up and buy gifts, it is because I am trying to find a way to reconcile. I may not be as versed as you but my gifts are genuine and I give these to show that my love for you is true.

From the day I took your hand, I wanted one woman to understand.

This is what I want from you!”

© CLM 2009 All Rights Reserved


Just because you have a will
Doesn’t mean it is the right way
Just because you speak your mind
Doesn’t mean all will listen to what you have to say
Just because you have a way with your words
Doesn’t mean your words will have their way with me
Just because you’re appealing to the naked eye
Doesn’t mean that I can’t resist thee

Just because I said, “I was no quitter.”
Doesn’t mean I’ll stay around and suffer neglect
Just because you don’t agree with my convictions
Doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve respect.
Just because your jewelry glitters
Doesn’t mean that you are gold
Just because you’re a straight shooter
Doesn’t mean that you are bold

Just because you have plenty bread
Doesn’t mean you can’t be humble and meek
Just because you claim what’s between you’re inner legs is glee
Doesn’t mean you have to be everybody’s freak
Just because you’re not behind bars
Doesn’t mean that you’re free

Just because we share our views
Doesn’t mean that it is great news
Just because we seem profound
Doesn’t mean that what we share is sound

In fact, just because we can; doesn’t mean Amen!

© CLM 2007 All Rights Reserved


Ok, so I am getting ready for work. I am too tired to even get up but I did. Somethings came to my spirit today and I ignored them. Like this morning, I heard, take that 50 cents off the dresser, you will need it. I left my cell in the house and didn't wanna go back and get it so I told my daughter to keep it, I get in my car and all of a sudden I just felt like praying so I did, that led to me singing and praising God for all his goodness. This was for a whole 20 min straight, then I turned the radio on and bam my tire blew. I was like OMG!

So guess what??? I didn't have my cell phone to call anyone to assist me. I didn't have any change so I had to pull over and walk a mile to the nearest store which turned out to be Giant Food. I asked for change and was told they couldn't open the cash draw and that I had to purchase something to get change. WOW! $1.29 just to get pack of chewing gum. I called my VP and she came and got me. I had an excellent spare tire in the trunk but no jack.

Moral of the story: Don't ignore the pulls on your heart or your first intuitions, they are normally correct. Had I heeded all that came to my spirit, I probably would not have gone through this long ordeal. Nevertheless, I am well and so is my spirit and I still passed this test. You see I did heed the pull on my heart to pray and that prayer and praise came before the tire incident and brought on peace so I was not emotionally or mentally overwhelmed. I just laughed and said the DEVIL IS A LIAR. The battle has already been fought and I was VICTORIOUS! AHAHAHA My God is a GOOD GOD!

Learn to trust that voice inside you, your inner man tells you exactly what to do and what to say, if you only listen.

Unbeknownst of Me

Timid, quiet, full of hurt and absorbing the pain
Is how others used to view me as
They consider that sweet and meek
Now I am bold, I speak up for myself and use the pain as gain.
And to think some people are threatened of my change
They’d much rather I remain the same
But, there is no way a person can tell me
That when God touches your life
That he desires for you to stay as the old
Surely, he wants you to take on the new
All the while to yourself staying true
Reflections of the past is how others choose to see me
However, I do not let my past reflections
Interfere with my current progressions
For if I did, my growth would suffer from neglect
And I just can’t have that.
So many think they know me
Yet really haven’t a clue
Of what really makes me happy
Nor do they understand the things that I do
No one knows my inner struggle
Not my mother, my father, my sisters or child
Only God knows my heart and to him I seek to make proud
When was the last time someone actually took the time to ask, “How I feel?
Before, running to me sharing their problematic ordeals
I only know but a few and sad to say but some don’t care to hear my truth
They resort to their own opinions and then try to force their perceptions onto me
However, I no longer welcome that, you see… I know my reality.
So many are unbeknownst of me
And if one truly wanted to know who I am and where I came from and going…
They need only read my story…
It lies right in my poetry.

CLM 2009 All Rights Reserved

Understand or Lose your Man

Jadedly he succumbed to her querulousness.
No longer able to withstand the pressure of her demands
He contemplated walking away from their relationship
For it was far better to become a happy single man
Than be dismal with a petulant woman
Who sought to change instead of understand.
She said, "The way he demonstrated his ardor Made receiving him much harder." Her implorations were validated
Simply because that's the way, she felt
Yet she failed to realize that
By trying to change his method of affection
She ruined in his sight; her appeal
Their rapport turned into skirmish formalities
From their cornucopia of calamities
All because of her inability to embrace the beauty of his individuality
Rapt in her credence of acceptable affection
She accused him of emotional disconnection
Affronted and gammy by her wrongful assumption
He finally walked away from this unnecessary tribulation.
Realizing that this was wrong from it's conception.

CLM 2008 All Rights Reserved


I settled for less but not again

When you choose to entertain ungodly men

Disappointment comes about

I shared my most precious gift

With an unworthy man who could care a bit About the well-being of my spirit.

My flesh is what he desired

And when that transpired Another woman he hired Quality time is what I requested

But by him it was constantly neglected

He pleased my flesh, oh yes he did

I'll admit the brother gave some bomb head

But at the end of it he could offer nix

But a sexual quick fix

He paraded around a false bravado

But really his spirit was hallow

He harbored such a cunning charm

That to a kind hearted woman would do harm

Thank God he ended that jam

But that's what he does for his lambs

I strayed away from the fold

And like a good shepherd

He came after me And brought be back home

CLM 2008 All Rights Reserved

Come A Little Higher

You think I'm wrong

I know I'm right

You refuse my ways

Knowing my will still is the final say.

You choose your own path

Then suffer from the aftermath.

When you fall, I'm the one you call

You complain about your chosen mess

On how you failed another test

Well get back up, return to me and continue to progress

I am the way, the truth and light

But you must first choose to win this fight

One-step is all I need you to make

But I cannot make the decision for you.

You must walk by faith.

You must learn to trust in me and

Activate what you have been taught

Monitor what you allow in your thoughts

The devourer is always lurking around to confuse, destroy and distort.

Seek me now, not later; quit making me your last resort.

Stop seeking instant gratification and

Embrace the gradual process of purification.

The sooner you repent and fully let me in.

The easier it will be to refuse sin.

Why keep tempting yourself with the past?

Wake up; don't you realize it won't last?

Rejoice that you're no longer bound and

That in me, Love, Joy and Peace is found.

Stop letting those dormant folks stick around.

They are useless and their ways are unsound.

So what if they talk, that's all they do.

Don't dwell on comments made by people who

Haven't taken the time to know you.

I command you to walk in your newness of life.

Embrace the road less traveled and behold mysteries

That has never been unraveled.

I have called you to see what others have not

But you must walk with me and do my will to get to the top.

Make no room for doubt or vein glory

I am using you to tell a story

Be a willing book and let me insert the contents

Put down your eraser and I'll use my pen

Don't question, why, how, or when?

Just know that once I begin no one will end

What I have for you my friend

I will restore above and beyond what your mind can conceive

Where there will be no room enough for you to receive.

I am your Jehovah Gireh

You're every second of the day provider.

Reach out to me, praise me, worship me, love me, follow me and I will take you higher.

No need to doubt my greatness I will never retire.

Now assume your position you are hired.

CLM 2007 All Rights Reserved


Cant get enough you

Lord you are my boo

Never had I a man that can do what you do

You are my beginning and end

My lifetime my forever friend

You created a smile that gleams from within

You changed me Lord

You freed me from the clutch sin

Thank you Lord, for I know I am forgiven

When others stepped out

You walked right on in

You took the broken pieces of heart and put back each part

When abandonment caused my soul to ache

You showed Me youd never forsake

You loved me as your child

You cleansed me Lord, you made me whole

You unraveled beauty I never thought Id behold

Im no longer timid because of you I stand BOLD

Lord, you took away the hurt

When my soul hungered something new

You came and quenched my thirst

No one can fill your place

Lord in my life I will keep you first

When this temple was for rent

You came and bought me out

You purchased me at full price

Now Im a Holy House

You came with a lifetime warrantee

You said you would supply all my needs

You took the time to sow healthy seeds

From you Lord my soul feeds

When all I could do was frown

You came and formed a smile

When my emotions tried to lead me astray

You came along and showed me a new way

When I thought I couldnt trust again

You showed me who to place my faith in

When fear of defeat consumed my thoughts

You told me the battle has already be fought

Past relationships, Oh Lord! You know they cut me deep

Thought Id never rebound from the injuries

Nevertheless, your love removed all the pain

In your care, my life is sustained

Thank you Lord, the head up my life you WILL remain!

2008 CLM All Rights Reserved

WOE is Man if HE chooses this WO-MAN

Teeth straight and clean

However, her mouth is a guillotine

Mac makes her up

But the gloss doesn't floss

Weave done nice

But her mind is trife

Body nice and toned

Like a brick

But she Longs & Fosters an empty house

Cuz a home she does not own

You see

For sale is her sign

Money is her mind

And when you add her up

She still ain't worth a dime

Skin feels like cotton

But her candy is rotten

Luxury is her occupation

Weak men is what she gross

With occasional bonuses from men who earn the most

She has

Harlot honors and degrees

And lacks Gods spiritual PHD.

Bank account is filled

But her spiritual bank lacks appeal

No regard

To prudence and decency

She has a self-deficiency

Evil has locked her soul

She calls herself a vixen

But she really trickin

I wonder if she knows

She's a modern day ho

CLM 2008 All Rights Reserved

Dear Brother

Hello my brother, may I talk to you for a sec? I happened to walk by and noticed that your head was bowed. Now I don't know if you were praying but it didn't look that way to me.

In fact, if I didn't know better I'd say you were crying.

Is there something wrong may I pray for you?

Will you allow me to tell you about a God who is almighty and true?

May I introduce you to the savior who helped me see the inner beauty in me?

I'm sure he can do the same for you, if you choose to let him in.

You see he's the type of God who unconditionally loves despite our many sins.

No matter how many times we fall, he always has his hand to lend.

He even brings people into our lives and helps us develop friendships that strengthen.

He gave me his complete love and care and when I opened my heart he proceeded to do his part.

He's the one that gave me that twinkle in my eye and this beautiful spark.

All I had to do what repent and believe and that was the start.

The start of an irreplaceable bond between a father and child.

He won't let anything come between us, this I know to be a fact.

I am second to none when God is concerned, my faith and knowledge are derived from him, everyday there something else for me to learn.

He constantly blesses me and some things weren't even earned.

He gives his children grace and constantly shows his patience.

Yes, he chastises us too but that's his way of showing he loves you.

A responsible father guides and steers his youngin's the right way.

Discipline and constant love is shown everyday.

It's so amazing to see how he deals with all his children.

Not one is neglected, all are very well protected.

Oh! Did I tell you that he laid down his life so that we could be set free?

I know he's a good God, cus I don't know anyone else who would do that for me.

I know I seem to be very boastful about him but I can't help it he is what he is.

He'll never forsake you or leave you when you're going through.

He's always here whenever you need him with a listening ear.

Eagerly waiting to heal your wounds and erase your fears.

Boy, I'm telling God is good, no one can tell me that my daddy doesn't care.

So if you want I'll help you meet him, I'm sure he'll receive you with open arms.

No, he isn't going to be mean, I promise you'll never have to worry about danger or harm.

Well don't just take my word, come see yourself.

Of all his goodness and that I proclaim

I guarantee once you meet him you'll never be the same.

2003 Chelsea L. Mulzac All Rights Reserved

No Fear Through Warfare

No fear through warfare

Thoughts from the past try to rear its ugly head

I can't look back I must walk with the living and continue to forsake the dead

Run back to my old ways, God forbid

I have shall persevere because I am a child of his

So many decisions to be made and things to let go

Some days I got answers and then some days I just don't know

Wolves in sheep's clothing hang around in packs

Trying to catch me slipping hoping that I fall off track

Surrounded by a heap of shams who still wonder why I don't claim them as fam

Counterfeit smiles filled with deceit and beguile

Nevertheless, my radar sensed the crew and though it seems to be many

I fret not, because me + God make plenty

Loneliness tries every now and then to tease me with the fact that I'm single.

Whispering in my ear, You're never gonna meet your mate if you don't get out and mingle." Yet past landmarks remind me of what I had and what I don't want seconds of

Therefore, I wait on the Lord, stay optimistic and will only embrace a man who truly loves

Single parenting is in a league of its own

Taking care and raising a child ain't easy

Yet still I manage to make my house a home

Trust and believe I too will benefit from the doctrinal seeds that have been sown

Daily doses of knowledge keep my mind ahead

After applied knowledge, wisdom does her thang

Oh, yeah! My spirit is well fed

Revelations from my battles shoot me up the ladder

Insight from Gods word makes me fatter

My spiritual bank runs over; truly, God's way is enriching

Those who can't relate; sorry to say but u suffer from malnutrition

Backstabbers and vile doers a conviction for you is secure

Your defense is of no avail

With God on my side

There's no way in hell that evil will prevail

The fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much

And in case you haven't noticed; God's anointed can't be touched

You've been defeated and rejected

Life without God is just too hectic

Might as well, bow down and respect it!

CLM 2006 All Rights Reserved


Maybe I'm not the breathe of fresh air
That to you seems so new
Maybe I'm not the person
Who turned your gray skies blue
Maybe the lovely character you claim to see in me
Always resided in you
Maybe it took meeting a stranger
With the will to live freely
For you to embrace life and see it more clearly
Maybe my wish to live and not just exist
Will encourage you to no longer reminisce
But enjoy each moment of today's bliss
Who knows .
Maybe I could be the basket
That you place all your eggs in
Maybe I was sent into your world
To be your life-long friend
Perhaps, I was sent to you and you were sent to me
To help each other fulfill each others destiny
I'm not broke; neither do I have an abundance of money
But honey I know how to love and I'm rich in personality
So Take my hand, I'll help you stand
Lemme show you the true beauty that stems from a woman
And you can show me the courageous leadership from man
We can grow together
Steering through any weather
We can help make each other's soul feel better.
Yeah We can be soul friends
Together we can be where happiness begins and sorrow ends.

CLM 2007 All Rights Reserved

Shy Interest

He sits in front of his screen

Like a hopeful feign

Skimming through this place

Looking for a pretty face

But to no avail, he's no longer compelled

To search pic's because to him; no longer do they benefit

Therefore, he observes names that would cater to his appeal

Lo and behold...

He comes across a screen names that seems chill

Therefore, he investigates

And what do you know...

He come comes across "Unequivocal_glo"

What does he read "Ambiance of Luv?"

Wow! She seems interesting

He clicks on the page and beholds a lady

Questioning "Is she sweet or is she shady?"

At the same time thinking, "She sure is beautiful, what a creation..."

But his fear of rejection brings on his hesitation

You need to know I C U

And my question is to you

"Why do you always peek and yet not speak?

It is evident that to you my page entreats.

Don't be shy, I don't bite, if there's something you'd like to say, please share.

To listen would be my delight.

Now if you choose to visit without words that's fine too.

But why deprive yourself of more when clearly I intrigue you?

Nevertheless, if a glance is all you need

Well then be blessed and by all means proceed .

CLM 2007 All Rights Reserved