Tired of meeting men who only want to pretend
Wanna hit but not commit
Can’t handle a relationship…
When it comes to love, you say you’re just confused
However, when it comes to sex, you have your share of amuse

You like the home cooked meals
However, pay no bills
Not willing to pay the cost
Yet you parade around the house like you the boss
Love to show off your so-called lady
But scared to be steady

You making physical demands
Without placing emotional deposits into me
You wanna keep me to yourself
Yet you walk around with a sign that reads, “I’m available and free”
Come on now, what kind of fool u take me to be?

Walk around with a big chest
Meanwhile still sucking your mama’s breast
Still living at home with your mother
Too afraid to step out so the world you won’t truly discover
Quick to say, “I’m a man”… yeah a man with no plan
Talkin bout you got a job, LOL, ohhkay! Uh! You can’t eat without money
That’s your reasonable service to yourself honey

You say, “It’s hard out here for black men.”
I say, “It’s hard out here for people.”
You say, “Woman, you just don’t understand”
I say, “No Brother, you just need to be a man”
Stop sitting by the wayside, learn to stand.

You got a new expensive ride
Therefore, you showboat and sport it
But you still living in an apartment
Shoulda used that dough for a mortgage

Bank account in the negative
Fake “Ballin”; fronting like that’s the lifestyle you live
Paying your bills on time is a crime
I know, cus your
Cell phone can barely stay on for months at a time

You flaunt an image as if your stuff is prime
You walk around with your head on cloud nine
Cuz a few ladies said your were fine
Get a life boy, stop wasting precious time
Eventually you’re gonna have to cross that thin line.

And uhhh! I won’t be around to see.
No need for me to waste valuable time
You either grow up or get left behind.
Oh! I talk a lot of trash, huh? Ha-ha
That’s fine; you still ain’t getting none of mine!

©2010 Chelsea L. Mulzac All Rights Reserved