It’s been a long time coming
But the coming of my long time is finally here
And now I...
I just want to love you
Reach into your soul and hold on
Receiving your love and depositing all this sweet bliss
I want to be that mental love song
That you sing of when my presence is missed
I want to feed you until your content
I just want to please you in any way possible

So here… take a sip,
On second thought…take all of me
Explore the dimensions of who I am
I’ll be your warmth in the winter
And in the summer your cool fan

Come to these arms of love
I’ve been waiting to share the Ambiance of Love
Here waits a sea of passion that is ever moving
Rest your thoughts on my bosoms
Listen to the melody of my heart
Learn the rhythm and never part

Dance in my wombs love garden
Enjoy the fragrant gifts of my anointed flowers
See the rose…she’s in full bloom
Waiting to spray you with her perfume
See the butterflies in my stomach
They frolic over you but never fly away
Their singing…I love you , I love you...

©2010 Chelsea L. Mulzac