This piece was written with a beautiful man of God {Harold D. Johnson}.
Thank you Harold for always completing my sentences...


Sins sweet allure
Is now a festering sore
Off your soul it is feeding
Gnawing at the very essence of your being
Your spirit has experienced offense
No longer do filters and repellents provide defense
Contaminating you with ungodly agents
Inserting the devil’s stench
You are losing your sweet fragrance.

Sins sweet lies
A bitter tasting honey
Embraces my broken spirit
Rendering my praise mute
If the Lord is calling
I can’t hear it
My heart has hardened
To the Truth
I want to pray
But don’t see the use
So far gone
My feet have slipped
Unable to get a grip
Can’t shake this affliction
This addiction
From the son of perdition
My soul sails lifeless
Thru the world
Bound by an identity crisis
Tell me I’m still yours...

Because I don’t want this life anymore
Receive me back into your fold
My past ways are stale and old
Show me how to put on the new
Even if it means that I be tried
Do what you gotta do
I know to be bonafide
I must be purified

Lord, my spirit is willing
But my flesh is weak
I’ve become a secular freak
Who eats foul meat
Remove this stall of sin
Holy Spirit reign within

Wash me
Let your rejuvenating rain
Cascade over my soul
Remove the stains
The pain
Make me whole
I know
Again and again
I strayed
So stay with me...
Stay in me
Because without You
Is so

© CLM/HDJ 2009 All Rights Reserved

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