Guard Your Heart

I was sitting at my desk early this morning waiting for the server to be restored and these thoughts came to my spirit. I want to share this with all the women I know because I know it is a word from the Lord to me and other women who have battled or is battling with decisions that need to be made about the male companions you keep. You want to be taken to another level but something keeps holding you back. You are keeping the wrong company. God wants to restore unto all that was taken from you and more but he can't if his ways you still ignore...

Here's the poem, receive it, believe it and act on it today!

You stroke her mind with your charm
Giving off the impression that from you there is no harm
Sweet lies of nothingness bliss is what you bring
Insincere and misleading songs are what you sing.
In the heart of a hurt but hopeful woman, your name rings.
She hears but doesn’t hear
Your words are mellifluous to her fragile ears
She sees but doesn’t see
Her loneliness and desperation disables her from seeing clear
She fears but doesn’t fear
Therefore, she embraces you more, thinking that you really care
As spiritual transgression transpires
She befits what the flesh desires
Inveigled by a seemingly good light
This beautiful woman walks away from what’s right
To someone that is just pleasing to her immediate sight
Daintily you caress her with a soft stroke
Careful not to be forceful because you know the wrong key
Will alarm her and send her away
The setting is fixed and perfect flowers have been picked
You lead her to your dead room that you call the living room
Surrounded by aromatherapy she smells yet doesn’t smell
Unable to discern that she’s inhaling toxic fumes
She breathes in smog air into what is spirit filled
Not knowing that her soul you are out to steal
Cautiously you play a tune for you two to commune
That clean vessel is no longer fine-tuned
What was once tailored for the Holy Ghost to indwell
Has now been shared by a stronghold who seeks to prevail
His intent is to conquer and destroy this host
So that in hell with him her soul can burn and roast
However, even in the midst of her dealings
She is alerted by an uneasy feeling
The Holy Spirit still lives within and loudly reminds her
That sin must not reign within
As she listens to this inner voice
She knows that she must make a choice
She now sees that her soul is what this man is out to take
But Oh! The mercy of God is still there when we make mistakes
He always provides a way of escape.
The question is “Will she take it?”

Ladies, if this hits home I beckon with you to listen
Get on your knees now and start repenting…
Stand strong don’t be led astray
Because life without the Holy Ghost ain’t living.

© CLM 2009 All Rights Reserved

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