I am woman
You are man
We are different yet still equally we stand
I am no more phased than you are with that common cliché “I must know my place”
I am a woman and I walk in my designed state.
I don’t need permission to be
I am what I am, I am woman, and I am rightfully me
My purpose is to be what God has called me to be
In Christ there is no need for competition when you know your position.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made
Meticulously and uniquely tailored for success,
I am woman, an elegant representation of God’s best.
I am a live, walking woman.
Whatever I am given is multiplied.
Don’t treat me as inferior because your purpose & full potential is what you’re undermining.
Embrace and support me, you know too
My leadership and strength is awe-inspiring.
Were we not both made in God’s image?
Don’t you know that I was made for you?
When you oppress me and seek to keep me silent you only deny the truth.
I am sent to help you fulfill God’s vision.
Don’t be duped by denial and ego’s which only cause division.
My being and abilities were bestowed unto me to help man.
I too am a product of God’s purposeful plan.
I am a natural born leader just as you.
No one can take that away.
I am more than just a life-giver and a pretty face.
There is more to me than just fancy array.
Yes, I have emotions, after all, I was made to feel.
I do not apologize for them; it is what enhances my appeal.
When you come to understand the beauty of a woman.
You’ll find that she is a reflection of you.
Made not to be ahead or behind but to stand by your side.
Yes that is where I am to reside.
I dare you to discover your destined lover and throw away your pride.

© CLM 2009 All Rights Reserved

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